We humans have evolved from animals, as a very special one. We are an ape, descended from apes; our features and actions are carved or winnowed by natural selection. But what a special simian we are. Shakespeare crystallized this thought a good 250 years before Charles Darwin positioned us as a creature at the end of the slightest of twigs on a single, bewildering family tree that encompasses 4bn years, a lot of twists and turns, and 1 billion species.

Humans experience life in two worlds.

The external world, the world that we all humans can see and experience. This is a world that is created by the desirous and unconscious thoughts, imagination, and intellect of all humans. Why just the humans, why not the animals because only we humans have displayed that the ability to create an ecosystem that suits our survivability and sustainability. This is the ability to affect the change in the ecosystem through collective thoughts, emotions, and creative efforts. This is a very myopic approach to individualistic survivability.

Whereas animals have mastered the ability to adapt to the ecosystem. Mother Nature affects the change and the animals adapt. Thus, today animals are far more resilient than Human Beings.

Let’s not lose bearing on the fact that our origins are the same. The Descent of Man, declaring that we have “god-like intellect”, yet we cannot deny that man – and woman – carries the “indelible stamp of his lowly origin”. This is the central question in understanding our place in the scheme of evolution.

If one carefully evaluates the human approach has caused considerable damage to the ecosystem and the human DNA in itself. Despite all the scientific and technological advancements, we humans continually face one challenge after the other. Careful evaluation will lead to the conclusion that we are we humans want to take control over NATURE and all the species in existence. This is not just a preposterous desire that will only lead to more challenges for the human species.

What makes us special, while we remain rooted in nature? We evolved from earlier creatures, each on a unique trajectory through time. We share DNA with all the organisms that have ever existed; the proteins our genes encrypt utilize a code that is indistinguishable from that in an amoeba or a zebu.

This is our inner ecosystem where everything is locked away in our DNA the supreme intelligence of the entire evolution that we all carry within ourselves.

Roughly after 250 years since the start of the industrial revolution our human ego is eventually beginning to realize and accept the wrong turns, we have been taking throughout modern human history.

The million-dollar question is how does one survives and flourishes in this complex ecosystem created by a pool of unconscious energy. The answer is to become conscious and rise above being an animal and human.

Animals were created from the coming together of multiple unicellular organisms, this was the path of evolution. Thus, animal behavior is generally that of physical superiority and inducing fear. Humans evolved from animals and realized that they have to drop off some of their animalistic behavior and habits to maintain the position of TOP PREDATOR in the food chain and thus developed lopsided intellect to dominate animals and other humans.

Humans have to evolve again and at a very rapid pace, they have to give up the a

  • The animalistic instinct of physical superiority and using fear as a weapon to dominate.
  • The destruction and scientific struggle with nature to dominate using intellect.

To flourish humans, have to build resilience in the animal way and adapt to the natural way of life.


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