Spiritual Parlance: Everything humans need to survive is freely available and abundant in nature. Money is only a means to meet the end; no one brings it or takes it with them. It is the ego trip of a few educated and intellectual human beings to control the destiny of human evolution.

Looking to the next few years, technological advances combined with fairly dramatic economic and social changes could create conditions for the emergence of new philosophy about money. The transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy and a more sustainable living is also systematically demolishing the unsustainable way of life on planet earth. The investments in fossil fuel technology and other unsustainable technologies has been driven by the same countries that wish to retain their control over other nations’ economies.

To understand the future, it is important to understand the origin of money. Before MONEY was invented, people bartered for goods and services.

When there was no currency, people traded goods and services for what they needed. One farmer might trade livestock for vegetables, while another may trade labor or lumber for livestock. These transactions were the early building blocks of our modern economy and would go on to create the future of money the world knows today.

Money is needed for every aspect of life. Everyone, from unskilled individuals to small businesses, organizations, institutions, governments, and countries, needs money to survive and flourish. The global employment figures are 3.32 billion for a population of 7.86 Billion. That is approximately 42pc employed, and 58pc remain unemployed and dependent. Due to the aging population, changing skill sets,   AI (Artificial Intelligence), and automation employability of the existing working population is likely yo increase.

All are interconnected to each other for growth. However, earning money is limited to those who can work as unskilled, skilled, or experts. The world population will be 8 billion in the next few weeks/months. Human life expectancy is increasing, and expectations for a peaceful, safe, and comfortable life are basic human requirements.

Much human effort and manipulation (not of the good kind) goes into managing the money as per the existing model and agendas developed by the IMF (IMF established on 29th Dec 1944). The founder members of the IMF were 22 Countries that were part of the IMF on the day of its establishment, including INDIA. The IMF has done reasonably well, but it has now outgrown its vision and purpose. The world population in 1951 was 2.5 billion; records of the world population in 1944 are unavailable, and there was little awareness about the agenda and actions of the IMF then; today, the situation is completely different.

Money has become the bloodline of human existence, and most of the world population is anemic, not by choice but by the nature of the established system and the need for Power and Control. It is a matter of time before the individuals and organizations controlling money will have to let go or release their control and re-model the monetary system to ensure a more inclusive model that will ensure that MONEY IS FREELY AVAILABLE TO ALL.


Yes, it sounds absurd to an economist who has spent a good part of their life creating rigid systems of control and managing money, which is showing its inability to deliver a fair monetary control mechanism and thus is old, obsolete, and fatigued. The IMF system outgrew its ability to deliver the objective when the founding member country adopted the FIAT money concept. FIAT money is a government-issued currency not backed by a commodity such as gold. Fiat money gives central banks greater control over the economy because they can control how much money is printed. Most modern paper currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, are fiat currencies.

The USA and a few allied major powers work to generalize policies that counter the interests of the world’s populations. Emerging nations like India, Russia, and China are now challenging the IMF model.


Today every country has the intellectual ability and the capability to define its financial needs. India is poised to START a revolution for the Financial Independence of its citizens. It is simply a matter of time before Indian Leaders devise a method of controlling money and making it freely available to its citizens. This model shall be adopted as the new financial model for the globe by all countries. India is a nation of 1.4 billion, and the conscious energy to shift from binding external financial processes to independent and transparent processes and interest shall come to the forefront. The foundation has been laid for the next stage of human evolution. India does not wish to rule others. Thus, the victory of INDIA as a Global trendsetter/game changer for the greater good of Humanity is more or less guaranteed by DESTINY!! As a nation, we understand and realize that for Humanity to Rise, every human, plant, and animal is part of Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam! The family is connected by consciousness.

Let’s look at the Broad framework of this System and how this is likely to work.

FACT! At the end of June 2020, the total number of Aadhaar card holders above 18 years of age was 125.87 crore (1.25 billion), now standing at 129.48 crores (1.29 billion)

  • The entire population of the country comes under the digital network of transactions.
  • India will likely be the first to launch a fully convertible digital currency.
  • Department of Economic Affairs establishes the Budget for the country for Infrastructural development.
  • Per Capita Income should be left open-ended.
  • PCI is to be live based on actual expenditure by Indian citizens in India.
  • Digital Currency cards shall be issued to every Indian under the digital network of transactions.
  • These cards need to be topped up digitally by the Individual based on his or her monthly expenditure, including GST and all taxes the government needs to levy to keep the country operational.
  • For example, an Individual may decide to top up the card for a certain amount and expend the money as he/she desires using the digital transaction network in 30 days. What this does is that it keeps the money rolling into the ecosystem and drives growth.
  • The Global employment figures are 3.32 billion for a population of 7.86  billion. That is 42pc employed, and 58pc remain unemployed and dependent. In a country like India, that equates to 0.78 billion.
  • Our elderly population will rise 41% in the next decade from 138 million to 194 million.
  • Understand that this 58 pc of the unemployed population is not contributing to economic growth. One can only imagine the positive impact it will have on the Indian Economy when this 58pc gets digi currency to spend freely.
  • It is irrelevant what individual spends digitally to meet their daily requirements, it will contribute only to growth and employment; during COVID, it was proven that the sale of alcohol kept the state revenue at healthy levels and guaranteed that the state economy did not collapse.

This is the secret to using the FIAT currency model and making MONEY free for the Citizens of INDIA for its sustainable growth as a Great Nation that keeps its Supreme Interest before any other country’s vested policies. This will ensure peace, harmony, safety, and security for the citizens of INDIA and become independent from the monetary control systems that have been biased and tired.

Note on India:

  1. The use of digital currency for anti-national activities/laundering of funds can be very easily monitored. Everything else will only contribute to National Growth.
  2. Providing Health Care is NOT the sole responsibility of a Nation; to remain as healthy as possible is the paramount commitment to oneself.
  3. INDIA has a lot to spend on, there is no limit to the amount of FIAT currency we can digitize.

Note on Global:

  1. The GAP between the HAVE and the HAVE NOTS will reach alarming levels that cause concern if myopic leaders fail to understand and address the issue of financial imbalance at a global level. Most likely, such leaders will cause great suffering and irreparable damage to their own country and countrymen if they continue to retain any superiority complex.
  2. Indians, wherever they are, have always contributed to the growth of that community/nation; it is in our DNA! Thus, our DNA has evolved to be Leaders, and now the time has come to LEAD.
  3. India will use its IT supremacy to create a transparent financial transaction system that will be a model all nations desire to replicate and offer the world to invest in INDIA’s future and flourish themselves.