Education is no longer about knowing what is already known.

Majority of the children are learning the same thing, so how are we bringing out the uniqueness in our children? If we want our child to be happy and successful, we need to give him a different kind of education,  learning skills and the ability to learn by themselves.

Look at history, the most successful men/women educated themselves to an extent where they could understand the structured curriculum from the then education system and stepped away to follow their passion. If we evaluate the ability of our child today against the ability we had when we were eight year old (as an example), I am sure you would agree that we could term ourselves as slow learners.

Ever wondered why? It is because as humans are evolving that which is accepted as a global norm gets induced in our  DNA. When humans reproduce most of the globally accepted ideology is transferred into the child’s DNA.

The learning curve of a child whose parents  are well educated and realize greater wisdom is not as steep as of a child that whose parents are an uneducated couple, possibly yet to awaken to wisdom and thus likely to be  emotionally unstable as well. Now we put all these children from parents of different educational and emotional quotients into a classroom and try to teach them a standardized curriculum, we are doing injustice to each and every child.

The present education system is a standardize model designed to push the children out as ready to serve in the corporate system devised by the western MNC’s. So, who is to blame? We as parents of course, because firstly (majority of us) were ourselves treated as herd and secondly, we jumped into the great big human rat race and did not find time to actually slow down, stop, introspect and understand what is the key to being happy and successful.

To top it all we are now doing the same to our children. How can we expect someone who has come from the same system to become a new world educator? Please ask that question. The educators are struggling to grasp with the problem because they know the truth but if they are to follow the true path of educations their  standardized model for education is doomed to fail.Another thing we as parents need to understand is that if our child is naturally built like a rhinoceros, he/she is not going to fly like a hummingbird. He/She certainly can become one hell of a Rhinoceros if the child is allowed to be and nurtured by a Coach who knows how to bring out the innate strength of the child.

So, the first step to changing the education system is for us as parents to understand what education is all about , open our minds to a new future and seek an educator who has not been part of the old system of education  or better still, identify  those who have realized the failure of the existing education system and are willing to accept that to be happy and successful in the world of tomorrow our a children should become conscious before anything else.

The new education model should be

  • willing to adopt a different approach that relies on educating the child to firstly becoming conscious,
  • understanding what they are passionate about,
  • showing them how they can use their natural strengths and creative power to accomplish what stokes their passion
  • preparing them to be balanced and integrated  individuals in a world that stands divided because we as parents collectively made unconscious choices in the past

Think and evaluate, the future is not just about being a corporate worker or a humanoid. There is so much that these children can do to create a better world for all of us. We simply need to nurture them, and imbibe in them that with great power comes great responsibility and that they need to be conscious creators towards making this world a happy place for everyone.

Education is also about developing the ability of knowing the unknown ahead of time.

The answer lies in striking a balance between academics and self discovery!

In sanskrit there are three key words ghey, ghyat, and aghey these are actually the foundation stones for a customized education system.

“ghey” is that which can be known

“ghyat” is that which is known

“aghey” is that which is yet to be known

Ask your child?

What is it that they want to discover?

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