Change is inevitable.

Everything is changing every moment.

Your mind can be your Guru when you realize from your experience (cause i.e thought and affect i.e happenings) that your mind knows everything about you. An extraordinary mind can change anything at any moment.

Time is a function of the mind, all of the past is what we are in this moment, and all of the future is also what we choose to be in this moment.

Perception is the condition of the individual mind mostly based on the past (which is no more) and what the senses perceive at this moment (senses are inept to fully process every aspect of the present moment in real-time).

Transcending the Mind is only possible in Quietitude.

Build Faith in every moment as taking you towards your VISION, no matter what is being played out, perceived, or sensed.

The only thing that should never Change is Your Vision of Yourself.

MEDITATE and FOCUS only on your VISION about YOURSELF!