What is the Sanatan Dharma?

Sanatan Dharma is the Eternal Law. That has BEEN, IS, and SHALL continue to be. It is ADI (before everything) and it is ANADI (after everything).

To understand the Sanatan Dharam, one must look at the ecosystem.

It provides air, water, food, sunshine, and intelligence to everything that exists within it. Supporting everything to come into existence, to live, to adapt, to survive, and flourish without discrimination. The Law offers itself free access to everyone without discrepancy to come into its realm.

Sanatan Dharma is universal intelligence; it cannot be fooled as one would fool an individual.

What is religion?

Religion is part of the  **limited human endeavor to recreate the Sanatan dharma on a set of prescribed do’s and don’ts. Religion has its place in human evolution. All religious prophets were Sanatan Dharmi.

Meaning Prophets: “A person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.”

** Limited by discrimination!

What is education?

It is also part of the **limited human endeavor to recreate the Sanatan dharma using limited human intellect and science as a tool, money being the dangling carrot. Education also has its place in human evolution.

** Limited by discrimination!

A simple way to be a Sanatan Dharmi.

There is only one requirement to be a Sanatan Dharmi.

Don’t be limited by religion, education, anyone, or anything else, it will be the limit in itself. Put everything that is yours in front of him, it was never yours, to begin with.

Investigate that which is eternal with your heart, mind, body, and soul. Keep a pure intent to serve the purpose of the universal intelligence, and don’t ask for anything, once you become capable the Universal Intelligence shall designate a role for you and provide you with everything that is needed to serve its purpose.

Sanatan Dharma is engrained within each one of US, allow it to be your personal guide to Self Realization.