Covid-19 has disrupted mankind and its ways at large. We all believe that the microbe is offensive and whilst that cannot be refuted as a scientific statement, it is also true that some people are managing this event better. They also seem to be better equipped for the uncertainty that the future is offering at this point of time. It is a known fact that our outer universe is the reflection of the inner self. It is the negativity that humanity has within itself that Mother Nature has finally spewed out. The lock down days have been God’s grace for humanity to introspect, to think what each individual believes. We all have done wrong knowingly/unknowingly and so must seek forgiveness and make fundamental changes to our nature and behavior. Whilst medicine is an external intervention, behavioral change and understanding how we are all connected shall be the elixir that will enhance the immunity of every individual and will elevate us as conscious human beings.
There will be some fundamental changes that will govern the way we humans rebuild our new world.
What next is the question in the mind of every human today, below is the road map of how humanity should be thinking as these are the design parameters of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
The foundation of the New World Order shall re-instate that which has been forgotten by mankind.
· The world will understand the true meaning of Namaste.
· A world where ONLY human excellence shall be appreciated, cherished and valued.
· Knowledge and wisdom of life shall supersede academic acumen.
· Religion shall be an individual practice of the principles of “Dharma”.
· A world where well-being and wisdom are a natural outcome of living consciously.
· A world where Freedom is the gift of being authentically spiritual.
· A world where animals, plants, trees and nature are given equal if not more importance than human beings when it comes to creating eco-systems for co-existing.
· A world where abundance is realized, comfort, safety, security and convenience are for all and self-regulation is a way of life.
· Austerity shall be the sign of those who are genuinely wealthy.
· A world where everyone is engaged in something suitable and meaningful as per their natural ability to find contentment, happiness and be appreciated for their contribution.
· A world without discrimination, founded in the realization that we are all part of one large living organism called the universe, everyone is equally important to flourish.
· A world where human scientific endeavors take us to natural solution for collective sustainability and well-being of all animals, plants, trees, nature itself and mankind.
· A world where Humanity will become “Nature Loving” and as we learn to appreciate the unconditional love bestowed upon us by nature, so shall we learn to bestow our unconditional love upon others.
· A world of Humanity where forgiveness become genetically embedded in the DNA of mankind and imparting justice is left with the existential consciousness.
· A world where families will not necessarily be blood related neither have labels of relations, they will be families of people aligned by consciousness.
· A world where everyone is a friend on a different path of learning.
Consider these to be the design criteria for individuals, families, communities, educational organisations ,business organizations and nations to reinforce/lay foundations to rise in the NEW WORLD!.
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