The words in the title are the key words that are used in the practice of YOGA.

Throughout the years there has been lot of mysticism and secrecy associated with these words.

I like to simplify things

  • Yantra – A machine.
  • Mantra – The desired output or purpose of that Yantra.
  • Tantra –The operating Instruction of the machine, to deliver a desired output effectively and efficiently.

The Human body is the most sophisticated Yantra that can ever be, equipped with intelligence that cannot be fathomed and energy that is simply inexhaustible. To gain access to this intelligence and energy all the three aspects have to be aligned, balanced, centered and synchronized to absolute perfection, this process is called YOGA and the end result if someone gets it right is YOG implying union with consciousness. This is a termed in Sanskrit as “Yog-a-Yog” and in spiritual english language the term coined is synchrodestiny.

There are many schools of YOGA,now one may ask which one is the best and most suitable. All have their own uniqueness and effectiveness, however their appreciation of the uniqueness of an individual may be debatable. In my opinion the most effective form of yoga is the one that an individual devise’s for himself/herself  by being consciously aware of one’s mantra, understanding their yantra and constantly improving the tantra (approach/behavior/perspective/operating principle). The reason humanity is struggling today, is because we humans has never explored our own potential despite so much being documented in our mythological, philosophical and psychological scriptures. Look at some of the most distinguished contemporary people around us, ever wondered which kind of yoga they practice? The yoga that is being followed as tradition is something that was practiced by someone and they documented their journey and we are simply following it is form of exercise. Let me stand corrected ,  YOGA is the most powerful technique if the teacher also appreciates the uniqueness and innate strengths of the individual and can devise a unique  learning the technique. We have to create our own road to the destination, no one else can do it for you.

The answer lies in knowing your Yantra, understanding the Tantra of using your Yantra  and to realize your Mantra for your life. Yes, there is a generic road map that can be used to define ones’s specific route to the final destination. Following the footsteps of some else to reach your destination is a complete waste of time and effort. Lord Krishna, Gautam Budhha and  Jesus found themselves and left behind their foot prints, if one were to follow their footprints they would still never become a Lord Krishna or a Gautam Buddha or Jesus. One should look at these lives and realize that all have enhanced their uniqueness,Their journeys and their philosophies are at time contradictory to each other, yet they are realized beings. They all all achieved their full potential because they aligned their Yantra (Body) , developed their Tantra (applied themselves) and  had a clear Mantra (Purpose) of life. Today there are as many potentials as there are human beings. With this note, I end this blog for you to exercise your critical thinking and imagination.

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